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Engage is an innovative workspace designed exclusively for lawyers.
Engage provides a professional, secure environment with the resources lawyers need and want, and a community of partner-level peers to work alongside.

Engage is more than a co-working concept. It’s a community.

Get engaged.

Engage is a community of partner-level independent lawyers who want to work, meet and learn in a professional and secure environment.

Although a truly novel and unique concept, Engage integrates various elements of executive suites, co-working spaces and law firms to create the ideal office environment for attorneys.

Engage is a place where attorneys can: launch their firms, accelerate their practices, and leverage the image, resources, and amenities of a top-tier law firm (with none of typical law firm drawbacks).

Networking, which is critical to the development of any law practice, is a core element of the Engage model. By creating a community of partner-level peers that will serve different legal needs of similar types of clients, Engage offers independent lawyers unrivaled networking opportunities.

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